Inside view of ITV Studios Bovingdon large studio and stage area.

Television Studio Space
for Hire


The external structure of the studio is 70m x 35m, with internal dimension of 66.1m x 31.6m (22,483 sq feet / 2088 sq metres). The concrete pad, the weight bearing loadable space for set is 65.3m x 31.04m (21,817 sq feet / 2027 sq metres).

The internal height to the ridge is 16.8m, please note that the roof is curved so this is the maximum height.

Power / Electricity

Mains power will be available to clients at an additional per kwh cost based on metered usage. There is an E-House on site at the rear.

Mains Power for Entire Studio Complex

1.25 MW of power available

Circuits Available at E-House

7 x 400 Amp Powerlock Circuits

Sockets Available in studio

2 x 125/3 1 Circuit has a distribution box attached. (2 x 63A/3, 2 x 32A/3, 3 x 32A/1, 6 x 16A, 6 x 13A)

Circuits Available at front of production office

1 x 400 Amp Powerlock

It is the responsibility of the client to hire in any additional generators they may want to use for example for Live Broadcasts.

IT & Internet services

Bovingdon has a 1/Gbs Fibre connection provided by NEP Connect (formally known as SIS). NEP Connect are able to provide HD-SDI transmission circuits via BT Tower using this circuit.

10Mb/s of internet is provided free of charge to the client to the production office and studio however within a days notice this can be increased to 500Mb/s via NEP Connect and MaxWifi. MaxWifi can also provide VoIP phone lines and on-site support if required. POA.

There are no permanent computers on site so it is up to the client to hire or provide their own IT equipment as needed.